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Zahra Media Group: Small business, big heart

When John and Gina started Zahra Media Group, they were determined to create a company people would enjoy working in. As winners of this year’s Work Happy 100 in the small business category it would seem that they’ve been successful. But what makes it such a special place to work? How do they support their employees? And most importantly, who are the dogs on their website? We had many questions for John Mullins, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Zahra Media Group.

“What we want is to create a flexible working space where respect goes two ways,” says John

Respect is fundamental to the culture at Zahra Media Group and John takes pride in the fact that it has little to do with seniority. He believes that being compassionate and understanding is the only way to get the best out of your employees. He describes the working environment at Zahra as one where they avoid blame and don’t tolerate people shouting at one another. 

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