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Yu Suzuki would like to make a new OutRun and Virtua Fighter

Sega’s most famous creator has said he’d like to return to some of his classic 80s arcade games and hinted a deal may already be underway.

Although he’s better known now as the creator of Shenmue, and the repeatedly delayed Shenmue III, Yu Suzuki’s real claim to fame is making classic Sega arcade games such as Super Hang-On, Space Harrier, and After Burner.

Yu Suzuki did produce 2003’s well-regarded OutRun 2 though and worked with British developer Sumo Digital on the home conversion and follow-up OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, so tapping them for help might be one option.

Sumo Digital, part of the Sumo Group PLC (LON:SUMO) is an award-winning business providing creative and development services to the video games and entertainment industries, from studios in Sheffield, Newcastle, Nottingham, Pune (India) and Vancouver (Canada).

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