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Will Online Education Replace Classroom Education Anytime Soon?

by Deepak Reddy, Vice Chairman at Aditya Educational Institutions, on Quora:

E-learning tools provide educators and students with access to resources they couldn’t have had otherwise, no matter their status or location. A philosophy student in England can learn from the top professor a continent away, and can do so in their own time while balancing a full-time job and a family at home.

But even though e-learning has become an education equalizer, it’s still not a replacement for the traditional classroom. Sure, the technology is advancing, but it’s not flawless. Just like any new, burgeoning innovation, e-learning faces its own challenges.

This, to me, is where e-learning and the traditional classroom will one day form a union: compensating for one where the other lacks.

Here’s what I mean.

The State of The Traditional Classroom

In a traditional classroom, educators will tell you they need to be on their toes, trying to engage their students at every moment. But students don’t always cooperate—maybe they’re bored, zoned out, or too focused on the sun outside to pay attention to math.

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