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Why Your Brand Story Should Start With Employees

Storytelling is a critical element in building a brand. Corporations regularly push their unique origin stories and tales of perseverance toward the public in an effort to foster consumer connections. However, unless those narratives align with what employees experience, they do little to promote any lasting company loyalty.

When employees struggle to relate to the vision you’re trying to sell, your story can come off as insincere. Over time, internal misalignment can eat away at retention, effectiveness, and profits. As Gallup research notes, high staff engagement can lead to up to 21% greater profitability, and weaving your story into the fabric of your company culture is a step toward getting there. So before organizations attempt to highlight to the outside world what makes their culture special, they need to engage in some corporate introspection.

Gattaca PLC (LON:GATC) provides recruitment solutions and support to employers in the engineering and technology sectors. With offices across four continents, their global presence gives them the ability to offer clients and candidates a localised service on an international scale.

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