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Fox Marble Holdings PLC

Why the marble trend is here to stay

The use of marble in interior design is not new. While it is definitely gaining popularity in 2019, marble has played a key role in architecture and building design for centuries. Marble seems to date back as far as the Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures and was used to help strengthen various sculptures. In the Archaic era (700-480 BCE), sculptures of youth, called kouros sculptures, with few exceptions, were made of marble.

Quite simply, marble has been used for centuries because of its beauty as well as its long-lasting strength. The use of the stone is now seen in furniture, homeware, flooring, countertops, and even lighting, not to mention more and more pieces of art.

Fox Marble Holdings plc (LON:FOX) is a dimension stone company focused on quarrying in Kosovo and North Macedonia and processing in Kosovo.

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