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Defenx Plc

Why Smartphone Security Matters More Than Ever

So many of us now have a smartphone and yet, we’re still being cavalier with your private details.

How much of your world do you hold in the palm of your hand? Smartphones have become the primary — indeed, for some people, the only — portal into our vast digital lives. From making to-do lists via Don’t Forget The Milk to doing our shopping on Amazon, our online banking, managing our health and working lives, and of course the unstoppable pull of social media, more and more of life’s interactions are taking place on this little oblong piece of glass and metal in our pockets.

Few people would think of using a laptop without some sort of security software to guard against hacking, viruses and email phishing, and yet very few take the same measures with a device which they increasingly use to replace the functions a laptop used to cover.

Defenx PLC (LON:DFX), founded in 2009 and listed on the London Stock Exchange, is an up-and-coming company in the mobile security sector which offers a wide range of solutions for the protection of smartphones, desktop PCs and laptops. 

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