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Accrol Group Holdings plc

Why Paper Towels are the smart choice for drying hands?

1)  Offer Protection Against Disease

Electric hand drying devises and especially Jet Air Dryers can spread pathogenic micro-organisms. Viruses can survive on hands for a considerable time: Influenza lasts 10-15 minutes, Herpes for up to two hours, the common cold for up to one week and Rotavirus, which causes gastro-intestinal infections, for up to 60 days. Proper hand washing and hand drying are essential to minimise infection. Paper towels spread significantly fewer bacteria and viruses – both on surfaces and in the air – to offer the least contaminated washroom environment. 

Accrol Group Holdings PLC (LON:ACRL) manufacture a wide range of household and away-from-home paper products from our purpose built production facility in Lancashire.

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