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Panthera Resources Plc

Where is Your Gold?

As gold’s appeal as a safe haven asset climbs amid global unrest and economic uncertainty, investors are increasingly looking at ways to put skin in the game. 

A popular way to get involved in the precious metals sector is by buying shares of companies or exchange-traded funds. But for those who prefer hard assets, physical gold may be the way to go.

For those that opt to own physical gold, keeping it safe is of paramount importance. However, stacking gold bars in your family room or stuffing a wall safe full of gold coins may not be the best way to safeguard your assets, especially in times of turmoil.

Panthera Resources Plc (LON:PAT) was incorporated in the UK and Wales in 2017. The company is focused on its gold exploration and development projects in India and West Africa and the optimisation of other mineral projects.

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