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What toilet paper orientation says about you

One of my favourite medical dramas is ‘The Good Doctor’ featuring a brilliant young surgeon, Dr. Shawn Murphy, who is also on the autism spectrum scale. The show’s basic premise outlines the difficulties Shawn has navigating his work and personal life due to his social difficulties. Shawn fixates on certain ways of doing things. For instance, in one episode, he argues with his roommate, Lea, over how toilet paper must dispense from the roll. Lea argues that it doesn’t matter while Shawn fixates on having the paper roll from the top. He feels it’s a serious slight against him that she consistently doesn’t ensure that the paper dispenses in the expected ‘over the roll’ manner.

Accrol Group Holdings PLC (LON:ACRL) manufacture a wide range of household and away-from-home paper products from our purpose built production facility in Lancashire. Paper products including toilet rolls, paper towels and facial tissues are manufactured to the highest levels of quality in brands and private labels utilising the latest technological advancements.

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