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What is Bespoke Storage

Bespoke solutions are the largest BESS’s, typically over 20 MW/ 100 MWh, either built into existing buildings, or in purpose built “Storage Stations”. Typical examples of such Storage Stations are the 15MW/ 60MWh system built by Sumitomo in Japan, or the 200MW/ 800 MWh systems under construction by RKPI and VRB Energy in China. Should your needs be of this very large size, initial designs and costings can be done locally by Bushveld Energy, with final design, warranty and pricing coming from a Joint Venture with the OEM, so that local content is maximised.

Clients for such Bespoke Systems, which show significant economies of scale, would typically be large mines, Power Utilities (particularly for re-purposing mothballed and disused former Power Stations) and other large energy users. Bespoke systems can even be coupled with very large pumped hydro storage to provide rapid response support, from the battery system, whilst the huge energy capacities of the pumped hydro are used for even longer duration storage.

Bushveld Minerals Limited (LON:BMN), together with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration and development of mineral projects in South Africa. It operates through three segments: Vanadium and Iron Ore, Coal Exploration, and Vanadium Mining and Production. 

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