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What innovation means to Team ZOO

Team ZOO thinks, lives and breathes technology and innovation. They are the big drivers behind our philosophy – the power of awesomeness – but what does that mean to our people who reimagine, redesign and do things differently to deliver cloud-powered localization and digital distribution services for the global TV and movie industry.

Here’s your chance to see under the hood, as we ask the team what makes ZOO stand out.

Stuart Green, Chief Executive Officer: “The thing that really makes ZOO stand out as a business is the innovative culture that we have here. Thinking of new ways of doing things that are better, faster and give us better quality is what we’re looking for.”

Kier Booth, Project Manager, Subtitling: “In the subtitling industry, the software we produce as a company is disruptive and changing the way our competitors have to approach the work that they’re doing for the big studios as well.”

Pam Wilson, Project Coordinator, Subtitling: “We’re getting acknowledgement from the industry – ZOO is a leader in the industry and we’re being recognized.”

Eric Granlund, Lead Video QC, Media Services: “It’s amazing to me the way we’ve managed to leverage the internet and develop this pool of translators and resources to do translation so quickly.”

Farrah Esmail, Senior Project Coordinator, Subtitling: “I’m very excited to see what the future holds for the company, because we are growing every day and becoming an influencer.”

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