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What does it mean to be unbanked?

An unbanked person is one who does not hold an account at a formal financial institution. As a result, such a person cannot access basic global financial services such as a savings account, credit, money transfers, and much more. To access these services they use informal means.

Who are those that live unbanked?

FairPlanet researched further. The unbanked are mainly those in households with unstable or low incomes, those in less-educated households, younger households, more female than male and disabled households of working age.

FairPlanet is launching SatoshiPay on their site, an innovative micropayment solution. With a free $10 to donate, FairPlanet is a perfect example of a company taking the right steps to a financially inclusive world.

SatoshiPay is developing a two-way payment platform, which enables online content providers to monetise their digital content through the acceptance of nanopayments. Blue Star Capital Plc (LON:BLU)is an investing company with a focus on new technologies, their investments include a 29.4% holding in SatoshiPay.

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