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What are the uses of Tungsten?

Tungsten derives its name from the Swedish “Tung Sten,” which translates to “heavy stone.” Tungsten is a metal that is gray-white in color. This metal is stable and exhibits high resistance to acids and bases. Tungsten possesses the highest melting temperature among metals. These properties make tungsten valuable for many applications, including electrical, manufacturing, construction and chemical.


Light bulb filaments are one of the most well-known applications of tungsten. Tungsten finds its largest commercial application in the lamp industry. Tungsten is capable of tolerating very high temperatures and has extremely low vapor pressure, properties which contribute to increased luminosity and long life of the bulb. Domestic lamps, vehicle lamps and reflector lamps used in projectors and floodlights are some examples of applications where tungsten filaments are used. Specialty lamps such as those for video camera lights, airport runway markers, medical equipment and fiber-optic systems also use tungsten.

W Resources Plc (LON:WRES) engages in the exploration and development of tungsten, tin, copper, and gold properties.

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