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Wey Education plc

Wey Education: How online education is revolutionising modern schooling

When twelve year-old Lilian Hardy attended open auditions for the ensemble of Matilda, she never expected to be offered the lead role. Yet before she knew it she was walking out in front of hundreds of people in a West End theatre.

Despite her success, however, Lilian does not intend to pursue a career in theatre. “I love acting but I don’t think I want to do it full-time as I’m also interested in photography, hairdressing and English literature,” she says. But fitting in studies around a hectic schedule of rehearsals and auditions is no mean feat, as Lilian soon discovered. Like thousands of other students she decided to try online education and joined InterHigh (www.interhigh.co.uk), a virtual school for pupils between the ages of 8 and 19.

“I joined InterHigh after Matilda because I was interested in trying out online lessons,” she explains. “Home educated people often like flexible learning styles and being able to pick and choose subjects. I don’t think learning has to be formal; it happens just as well by living life and paying attention to what’s around you.”


Wey Education plc (LON:WEY) is the AIM listed holding company of an educational group providing services online worldwide. The Group’s main operating divisions are InterHigh, Wey ecademy and Academy21.

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