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We’re Running Out of Helium, and Two Geologists Might Have a Fix

MRI machines, fiber-optic cables, and kids’ birthday parties need it. Helium One wants to help.

If Josh Bluett and his pal Thomas Abraham-James hadn’t run out of things to talk about during a road trip, they might never have read the six pages that changed their lives. Bluett and Abraham-James are Australian geologists and onetime housemates in Brisbane who’d been hunting precious metals and fossil fuels for mining and energy companies.

In September 2015, Bluett and Abraham-James formed a company they called Helium One Ltd., with Abraham-James as managing director and Bluett as technical director, and acquired the necessary government licenses. 

Helium One is an independent specialist explorer focussed on delineating and developing globally significant helium assets in Tanzania, Solo Oil PLC (LON:SOLO) has a 15% equity in the company.

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