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Weekly Investment Update

Geo-political news

US vs China – Tensions between the US & China have continued to grow this week following US President, Donald Trump’s comments suggesting China’s leader, Xi Jinping, is behind a “disinformation and propaganda attack on the US and Europe”. The friction between the two countries has resurfaced during the COVID-19 outbreak, as President Trump has continuously blamed China for failing to prevent the pandemic, critiquing both China’s economic and military policies on numerous occasions. In a series of tweets on Wednesday night, President Trump said, “It all comes from the top”. This came as the US senate passed a bill that could bar some Chinese companies from listing on the US stock Exchange, a decision which could sour relations even further.

Fears surrounding growing tensions were only fuelled this Friday, as news emerged that Beijing plans to tighten its grip on Hong Kong, spurring outrage from both the city and other nations. Its status as an
international financial centre were said to be in jeopardy following the decision. China plans to “establish sound legal systems and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security” have not received a
positive reaction. President Trump warned the US could address the issue very strongly if needed.

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