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Weekly Investment Update

Global News

Brexit – Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a vote on the latest Brexit withdrawal agreement on Wednesday, but lost a vote which would allow the UK to leave the European Union on the 31st October deadline. PM Johnson is now demanding a general election be called for the 12th December, which would likely allow the UK an extension to the deadline, giving PM Johnson the chance to try and form a majority in Parliament before any more votes on the deal. In the latest twist, EU diplomats from the remaining 27 countries were supposed to decide the length of the extension on Friday morning, however, the diplomats then said that they would wait until after the weekend as they would like further clarity of the situation from the UK before any decision is made.

Turkey-Russia deal – Days after the US withdrew from Syria, President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and President Vladimir Putin of Russia met in Sochi, agreeing a deal that would allow Syrian and Russian forces to deploy into northern Syria, so they can continue to create a safe zone between Turkey and Syria. Hours before the agreement was signed, Kurdish fighters said they had withdrawn prior to the end of the five day cease fire agreement.

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