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Oxford BioDynamics

Want to Slow Down Your ALS? Try Smiling!

What does smiling have to do with ALS? Or happiness, contentment, or feeling positive? These expressions of our sense of well-being are important to those of us living with ALS.

According to a study of 224 ALS patients, participants who had good emotional well-being experienced a slower progression of their disease.

I know, I know. The words “emotional well-being” and “ALS” don’t usually show up in the same sentence. And we don’t often read about things we can do to slow the progression of our ALS symptoms. This IS big news.

Oxford Biodynamics PLC (LON:OBD) was spun out from Oxford University in June 2007 with the aim of translating fundamental scientific advances into a commercialised platform technology and a new generation of biomarkers for cancer and other diseases. OBD has been granted a substantial funding award from Innovate UK to develop and validate diagnostic, prognostic and predictive EpiSwitch™ biomarkers for ALS.

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