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Upgrading your windows?

At its simplest, double glazing is pretty self-explanatory. Two panes of glass separated by a cavity – which is filled with air, or, in fancier frames, with inert gases like argon or xenon – and closed up with industrial sealants.

Long a go-to for savvy homeowners and property developers, double glazing has carved an effective niche at the heart of home improvement. But does everybody need double glazing? And what should you consider before deciding?

There’s one dominant reason as to why double glazing has become so a la mode – it offers a hefty hike in home heat retention. A single pane in a cracked weather-beaten frame often haemorrhages warmth, while two panes with insulating gas between them keep a lot more of the warmth in, and better keep out the cold during winter.

Safestyle UK PLC (LON:SFE) have been manufacturing and installing affordable, high quality, energy efficient and secure windows and doors for homeowners across England and Wales for over 20 years.

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