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Universal Bearing monitor

Industrial plants have large numbers of critical bearings. Unmonitored bearings can fail unexpectedly causing expensive down time. Moreover in many plants undetected failures can cause severe and costly damage to the asset.

The Gyrometric Universal Bearing Monitor is capable of giving warnings that the bearing will fail within a limited time period, but can also warn when failure actually happens and very rapidly send out a shut down signal to the monitored plant. The device monitors bearings of all types – Ball and roller bearings and solid bearings at a very wide range of speeds down to very low rotational speeds.

The method is entirely digital.

Remote Monitored Systems (LON:RMS) is focused on the continued development of the Company’s ‘Survey & Inspection’ business. RMS also has a majority interest in GyroMetric Systems Limited, which develops and manufactures digital monitoring and safeguarding systems for rotating shafts.

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