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Union Jack Oil

Union Jack Oil West Newton Accretive at All Levels

SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP today provided an updated note for Union Jack Oil plc (LON:UJO):

Union Jack Oil plc farmin to Connaught Oil & Gas’ interest in PEDL 183 not only generates significant value for UJO but also bolsters its appraisal and exploration portfolio. We estimate that the Transaction will add $7.12m (0.06p) after taking the associated cost estimates into account. The current market “worth” is $31.4mm (0.28p), which is 0.43x the valuation of $72.9mm (0.64p).

West Newton Brings a Range of Positives

The Company has agreed to farm into the PEDL 183, taking 16.67% Working Interest on a 1.50:1.00 Paying Interest/Working Interest basis (the “Transaction”), i.e. the Company pays 25% of the costs of drilling and completing the West Newton – 02 (“WN-02”) well. No back costs are to be included, but the Company will assume its share of the operator’s allocated licence costs on an ongoing basis in proportion to its Working Interest.

WN-02 Drilling Brings Near Term Activity

The Company’s farmin partners have scheduled WN-02 to spud in 1Q’19, which adds to the Company’s existing activity slate, which also includes Biscathorpe. While Wressle is many investors’ focus, we believe that West Newton’s prospectivity provides a counter-balance, not just to the Company’s valuation, but its work programme too.

Transaction Adds to the Overall Valuation

While we estimate that the obligation costs could amount to $2.86mm, which is comprised of $1.76mm of well related costs and $0.23mm of JV costs. These costs, however, are more than offset by the value that is created by the consolidation of the Contingent and Prospective Resources into the portfolio. Our estimates suggest that this transaction adds $16.4m (0.14p) to the valuation, which when applying the average NAV multiple of 0.43x suggests a net market uplift of $7.05m (0.06p).

Increasing Balance to the Portfolio

While the main target for the WN-02 is the appraisal of the Kirkham Abbey Shoal, the deeper prospectivity on the Cadeby Reef, as well as the other prospects in the project hopper, such as Ellerby and Spring Hill, add additional targets to the Company’s wider portfolio.

Valuation $72.9mm (0.64p)

We have valued Union Jack Oil’s assets at $72.9mm (0.64p) using DCF valuation methodology, which is some 611% above the current share price; the un-risked valuation is $438.2mm (3.84p). we have also assessed the impact of a number of key variables such as gas price, SPE PRMS category and whether the development of the West Newton discovery. Given the market NAV(D) multiple of 0.43x, suggesting a fair market value today of $31.3mm (0.28p), implying the shares, post the Transaction should be trading 211% above the current share price.


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