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UK’s oil and gas sector stands ready to benefit from Brexit

The United Kingdom’s oil and gas sector has been one of our most formidable industries since the 1980’s, and it stands ready to benefit from Brexit.

The sector is often seen as an older, declining industry, but, with careful management, it can be reinvigorated. Not only can it continue to grow and secure British jobs, it can be a key building block for the UK’s post Brexit success.

The UK does £73 billion worth of oil and gas related trade with the rest of the world. As a Member of the European Union, tariff costs for the UK’s oil and gas sector are around £600 million per year.

Free trade deals after a No Deal Brexit, would reduce tariff costs to zero with our trading partners. The likelihood of arranging free trade deals, with oil and gas as leverage, is particularly high due to the vice like grip and control the Organisation of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC) has on oil prices.

Union Jack Oil (LON:UJO), The directors believe that significant opportunities exist to invest in, or acquire, a company or companies or businesses or assets in the hydrocarbon sector.

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