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Ceres Power Holdings

UK HFCA: Fuel cells and hydrogen ‘game changing’ technologies

The UK Government has estimated the potential market for low carbon hydrogen in the UK could be as high as 700TWh/year in 2050, the size of the current gas market1.

Globally, the Hydrogen Council roadmap presents a 2050 vision where the global annual sales of hydrogen technology and services reach £1.94 trillion and create jobs for 30 million people. The roadmap estimates that global demand for hydrogen could increase tenfold between 2015 and 2050, from 8 EJ to almost 802.

In the last several years, global market of stationary fuel cells has been developing rapidly, with an average growth rate of 37%3.

The UK fuel cell industry is characterised by a number of world class system developers and integrators, active across a range of application areas. Companies such as Ceres Power, Intelligent Energy and Fuel Cell Systems are offering products for transport and stationary power markets.

Ceres Power Holdings plc (LON:CWR) is a fuel cell technology and engineering company whose aim is to bring cleaner and cheaper energy to businesses, homes and vehicles. They are working with world-leading partners to embed their SteelCell®technology in mass-market energy products for the commercial, residential and transportation markets.

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