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Tungsten Carbide – The Use And Performance

The tungsten carbide is created by combining two metals, carbon and tungsten and it is considered as one of the toughest among all alloys. It is extremely reliable and durable. It shouldn’t surprise you why this mixture found such a broad application. The score tungsten carbide has on the Mohs scale is nine from possible 10. The only thing tougher than tungsten carbide is a diamond. It takes a diamond to cut a diamond, but also, it takes the diamond to cut tungsten carbide. Considering all pieces of information, we have provided you; it is enough to realize the benefits of tungsten carbide.

The primary use

Considering the toughness of tungsten carbide possesses, it makes sense its main use if for cutting. Tungsten carbides are used for serious cutting, which is commonly found in heavy industry, constructions, and mining.

W Resources Plc (LON:WRES) engages in the exploration and development of tungsten, tin, copper, and gold properties.

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