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Tungsten And Its Features

Most of us don’t know, but tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals. We mean pure metals of course. It is also called wolfram. Its symbol is W. In case you didn’t know, tungsten is harder to brake than diamond, and it is much tougher than steel. Tungsten has some nice features. It is very useful because it can take high temperatures and that is why it is best for applications in segments of commerce and industry. Its melting point is 6192°F or 3422°C.

Production process

Tungsten is extracted from minerals, and there are only two minerals. Scheelite and wolframite. But we forgot about recycling, and during this process, we can recycle almost 30% of tungsten as far the global supply goes.

W Resources Plc (LON:WRES) engages in the exploration and development of tungsten, tin, copper, and gold properties.