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Tungsten Alloys In Medical Application

Tungsten Metal was discovered in the 17th century, and many people compare its hardness to diamond. This metal has a great heat resistance, and this is one of the reasons why it is so broadly used. It has found many useful applications, and one of the most important ones is in the medical industry. Tungsten alloys are slowly changing the way on how we look at the world, but at the same time protecting our well – being. The fact that Tungsten is a non – toxic metal makes it ideal for hospitals and medical facilities. It won’t endanger the patients’ health, and it will keep them protected from harmful gamma rays, which are number one cause of cancer.

Tungsten alloys in diagnostics

They are often used as components or final parts for many diagnostics and therapeutic medical devices, for example, multileaf collimators, which are used in radiology. High-density alloys are used for these devices.

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