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Tungsten Alloys And Their Use

When tungsten is combined with other metals, we get alloys, highly resistant, heat controlling metals which can be utilized for different purposes. Tungsten is the 4th hardest metal on earth, and it gives stable and vigorous structure to other metals. Alloys have found wide application in many industries, especially because tungsten has the highest melting point and it is resistant to corrosion and acids. Tungsten alloys are mostly used for the following purposes.

Tungsten alloy fishing

They are used as weights to lure or bait and to increase the sinking rate, especially if you are casting from a distance. Depending on your use, they vary in size and shape. In the recent years, they are becoming popular because of the small size and the high density, which allows them to sing fast. They are slowly replacing the lead weights. The interesting thing about heavy tungsten alloys is that they concentrate the weight in the smallest possible space. They are often used for balancing.

W Resources Plc (LON:WRES) engages in the exploration and development of tungsten, tin, copper, and gold properties.

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