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Transport & Infrastructure: The Challenge for Talent

With the rail sector undergoing significant and wholesale change, the need to have the right skills and capability in place to deliver is more important than ever.

At Norman Broadbent we work across the full spectrum of the rail sector – from the TOCs, ROSCOs and Consultancies to Network Rail and the wider infrastructure sector. Our combination of research and insight enables us to identify a number of common challenges. The biggest are without doubt:

Do we have the right people in place to meet the challenges ahead, and;
Can we deliver what we need to for our customers and Stakeholders?
The answer to the above is often either “no” or a combination of “yes and no”. This is because our rail industry has been built on engineering and, more broadly, “rail people”. This has created a culture and environment that is slow, inflexible, siloed, and often blinkered in its thinking. So when it comes to embracing new things such as digital innovation and customer service, the sector is generally unprepared from a skills, experience, and even cultural perspective.

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