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Tracking demand for biometrics in payments

n the digital age, privacy and security have become key concerns for consumers. As a result, multiple industries now face the challenge of delivering more robust authentication solutions. This is particularly true for fintech and financial services.

56% of consumers would prefer to use a biometric sensor on their payment card instead of a PIN.

With the ability to simplify the consumer experience and improve on the security of PINs and passwords, biometrics offer a compelling solution to the authentication conundrum. Already the norm in smartphones, with over 75% of newly released mobile devices featuring biometrics (according to security firm Duo), could now be the time for biometrics to unify authentication across mobile payments, banking and card transactions?

Sthaler is an early stage identity and payments technology business which enables a consumer to identify themselves and pay using just their finger at retail points of sale. The company developed Fingopay, using VeinID technology, in partnership with Hitachi. Blue Star Capital PLC (LON:BLU) is an investing company with a focus on new technologies. Blue Star’s investments include a 0.9% holding in Sthaler.

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