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Towards a circular economy for sustainable growth

The impact of climate change is all around and can no longer be ignored. Indeed, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2019 points out that the environmental crises arising is among the highest-impact risks facing the world over the next decade. Moreover, the threat to the planet’s sustainability is only set to increase with rising emissions and waste levels and as the growing global population exerts even more pressure on scarce natural resources.

Europe has already taken a huge head start in embracing the essence of the circular economy as the pillar of its business model. In 2015, the European Commission adopted a Circular Economy Action Plan, which looked at the entire lifecycle of products. It proposed a mix of voluntary initiatives and regulatory actions on production, consumption, waste management, and secondary materials in order to preserve and enhance natural capital, optimise resource yields and foster system effectiveness. The plan identified five priority sectors — plastics, food waste, biomass and bio-based products, critical raw materials, and construction and development — to transition towards a more sustainable model for economic development. Four years on, the European Union (EU) has already delivered on 54 actions ranging from new legislation on waste management to waste-to-energy initiatives to an EU strategy on plastics.

Powerhouse Energy Group PLC (LON:PHE) has developed the innovative PHE DMG® System, their proprietary thermal conversion technology. DMG® technology provides a mechanism to dispose of a wide range of waste streams by using them as feedstock that can be converted to EcoSynthesis Gas.

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