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This smart kettle uses biometrics to brew the perfect cup of tea

Making tea can be an art form – judging the perfect temperature for the water and allowing the leaves to infuse for just the right period of time. It doesn’t just depend on the type of tea you’re making, either – as any fan of a good brew knows, personal preference plays a huge part as well. One person’s perfect cuppa is another’s stewed disaster.

Teplo 2.0 (the successor to the Teplo portable tea maker) is a smart kettle designed to solve these problems, meaning the tea aficionado doesn’t have to linger over a teapot with an egg timer to get the perfect brew.


Strix Group Plc (LON:KETL) manufactures and sells kettle safety controls and other components worldwide. The company offers thermostatic controls, cordless interfaces, water jugs, and filters. It also provides water heating, temperature and steam-management devices, such as steam boilers, instant flow heaters, and turbo toasters. 

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