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Jubilee Metals Group Plc

This Metal Has Roared 70% In Value and Surpassed Even Gold

A rare metal, a vital component in the production of catalytic converters, has for the first time two decades has surpassed gold as the most valuable metal on Earth.

On December 5, 2018, one ounce of gold was worth about $1,237. Palladium hit $1,257 per ounce.

In mid-January 2018, an ounce of platinum temporarily spiked to above $1,400. As of this writing, an ounce of palladium is worth about $1,378. Gold is worth about $1,314 an ounce.

That makes Palladium has been the best performing precious metal commodity for over two years straight. Since August 2018, when palladium posted a record low trading value, it has since soared over 70% in value.


Jubilee Metals Group plc (LON:JLP) is a diversified metals recovery company, focusing on the reprocessing of historical mine waste and surface materials. Their projects in South Africa include the Hernic Platinum Project, DCM Platinum & Chrome Project and the PlatCro Platinum Project.

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