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Actual Experience Plc

The (un)surprising benefits of full scale remote working

There are obvious benefits of home working and digital adoption. If there weren’t, businesses would not have already been making the shift pre-COVID19. But it was already a growing trend before it was a forced one.

Flexibility to fit work around other commitments has been longed for, asked for, even campaigned for, for many years. And now more companies are seeing the morale boost that it can bring. There are other clear business advantages too: removing the hassle and costs of commuting, a reduction in overheads and fewer office distractions.

But there are unexpected benefits to home working that we might not have expected, that perhaps wouldn’t have been visible had the shift not been so universal.

Actual Experience PLC (LON:ACT), an analytics-as-a-service company, provide digital experience quality analytics services in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and internationally.

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