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The ultra-rich are investing differently in 2019 — and it includes cannabis

They are increasing their cash holdings and reducing their equity exposure. They are also cutting back on some of their real estate investments and finding a “short-term solution” in fixed income, according to Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder of investment club Tiger 21.

“There’s a lot of caution and some of it is [market] volatility,” he said Thursday on CNBC’s “Power Lunch. ” Then there is also the “uncertainty of government policy,” he added. The members of Tiger 21 are more than 700 strong and have a total of $71 billion in assets.

However, there is one growing trend they are hopping aboard and that is cannabis.


Sativa Investments (NEX:SATI) is the UK’s first medicinal cannabis investment vehicle. After investing in two North American businesses, it is now progressing a UK seed to consumer investment strategy with 100% ownership of businesses involved in the production, testing and compliance, research & development including pharmacology, commercialisation and sales & marketing of medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol products. Two UK businesses, George Botanicals and PhytoVista Laboratories, are already fully operational. The Company intends to add a 7.5-acre cannabis growing and processing facility and has already executed an option agreement over an optimum site.

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