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The Tatton Weekly: Predicaments

As November draws to a close, global stock markets have provided a positive last week to an otherwise bleak month for investors. And as it stands, it is not just October and November but the whole of 2018 that has turned into a disappointment for investors across almost all asset classes. According to a study by US investment bank JP Morgan none of the 17 major asset classes (equities, fixed interest bonds, etc.) has outperformed the rate of inflation – something that has not happened since they started tracking these figures in 1992.

While this is a somewhat depressing insight for an investment manager, the returns at portfolio level are only slightly negative. Arguably, 2018 was simply the return to a more realistic growth outlook after 2016 and 2017 generated overshooting return levels which were unsustainable. Without a doubt, if we look at portfolio returns across risk profiles from a 2016 starting point perspective, then total returns achieved on an annualised basis look more than acceptable. Even when choosing 2017 as the starting base, returns should not cause too much concern.


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