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Microsaic Systems plc

The need for the miniaturisation of mass spectroscopy

Microsaic Systems’ Chief Technologist, Richard Moseley, explains the need for miniaturised mass spectrometry, and where the technology can take some key industries such as pharma and biopharma.

Arguably the work-horse of most analytical laboratories, mass spectrometry is an essential technique to accurately identify and quantify chemical and biological compounds by recording their unique molecular weight. In recent years, technological developments have enabled MS to break out of its ‘expert only’ niche, into broader and more accessible uses. Thanks to miniaturisation, the compact size and powerful technology of this new generation of mass spectrometers offers both precision and simplicity to give any user analytical answers in minutes.


Founded in 2001, Microsaic Systems plc (LON:MSYS) is a high technology company which develops point-of-need mass spectrometers, designed to improve the efficiency of chemical and biological workflows.

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