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Vertu Motors Plc

The Lifetime CO2 Emissions Of EVs Are Half That Of Petrol And Diesel

A new study has found that electric vehicles produce half the amount of CO2 levels in their lifetime than petrol or diesel cars.

Many believe electric vehicles will be just as detrimental to the environment than fuelled vehicles, due to the charging process and manufacturing of the car.

However, the Imperial College London has found that CO2 emissions are substantially less with electric vehicles compared to petrol and diesel models.

Furthermore, when electric cars are charging, they produce only a quarter of the CO2 that is produced by fuelled cars. It was also found that in an EV’s lifetime, the CO2 emitted was half that of petrol and diesel cars.

Vertu Motors Plc (LON:VTU) operates as an automotive retailer in the United Kingdom. The company sells new cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and used vehicles, as well as provides related aftersales services. It operates a chain of franchised motor dealerships including Farnell.

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