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The high street’s future is about people, not transactions

A new book co-authored by Vint Cerf (‘the father of the internet’) and I4J’s David Nordfors explores the potential shift from a task-centred economy to a people-centred one.

“Historically we would define a set of jobs and try to jam people into those jobs,” said Vint. “It moves from this ptolemaic view of tasks being the centre of everything, to the Copernican view, which is that people should be at the centre of everything, and that we should help them to make themselves more valuable.”

In a world where a lot of banks are essentially moving ones and zeros from one virtual server to another, with some sort of maths in between, that now increasingly costs nothing. And as a business, charging 1% of nothing is nothing! It’s difficult to make money with that sort of business model, so there needs to be something else that you invest in. People-centred activities is an obvious one.

Disruptive Tech Limited (“DTL”) is an active investor in a number of exciting technology businesses. The company invests in entrepreneurs who are building companies in market places they truly understand. Blue Star Capital PLC (LON:BLU) is an investing company with a focus on new technologies, their investments include a 2.1% holding in Disruptive Tech Limited.

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