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The growing importance of cyber security for organisations

Over the last decade, cyber security has become a vital part of corporate culture. Whilst businesses have bolstered their security measures, cybercrime has also become increasingly sophisticated over the years. 

There are now greater opportunities and far higher losses that cybercrime can cause. Almost everything is digital, whether in our personal or business lives, and hackers have greater access and opportunities to capture information than ever before. 

The notion of fraud has always been around in business; an important difference is that spotting an anomaly in data or suspecting an unusual transaction may have taken longer in the past to track and prevent. Nowadays, the advanced use of technology fuelled by vast datasets have enabled fraud and security to be measured and examined differently. 

Falanx Group Ltd (LON:FLX), through its subsidiaries, provides cyber defence and intelligence services to blue chip and government clients worldwide. It operates through Falanx Cyber Defence and Falanx Intelligence divisions.

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