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The fascinating uses of graphite in everyday life

Coal, diamond, and graphite are the three allotropic forms in which carbon is found naturally. Graphite crystallizes in a platy form in a hexagonal arrangement. It is metamorphic in nature, and depending on where it’s found is rated into three forms – flake, crystalline, and amorphous. Flake is found as vein deposits in metamorphosed rocks; amorphous is found in metamorphosed beds of coal; and crystalline is available in veins filled with fissure.

Graphite has a blackish-to-grayish color, and due to its greasiness and softness, it leaves a black mark when touched by hand. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Graphite can withstand extremely high temperatures, and is not affected by a majority of reagents and acids. This property gives advantages which are unique and peculiar to graphite.

Blencowe Resources Plc (LON:BRES) is a United Kingdom-based mineral exploration and development company. The Company is focused on exploration and development of the Orom Graphite Project in the Republic of Uganda. 

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