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The competitive advantage of managing human experience

Recently we wrote an article about why technical data isn’t the same as human experience. We talked about how, in order to avoid vast and overwhelming data lakes, we naturally turn to averages to help us understand the technical data our businesses produce. And about how those averages just don’t give us an accurate understanding of the way people feel when they interact with a digital system.

But why should you care? As a senior business executive, what impact does human experience actually have? What are the benefits of getting it right and the penalties for getting it wrong?

The previous blog post looked at one practical example – slow browser speed and it’s impact on consumers who can tolerate a small delay but will, at a certain point, get fed up and abandon the website altogether. We also briefly referenced employee engagement, morale and turnover, highlighting the internal implications of ignoring human experience.

Actual Experience PLC (LON:ACT), an analytics-as-a-service company, provide digital experience quality analytics services in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and internationally.

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