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The case for continuous improvement

Managing user demand for communications services has changed and grown in complexity as our methods of communication have developed. Back in the day, when infrastructure was provided to handle just one service (e.g. telephony), utilisation metrics – based on averages over time periods such as an hour – were the right tool for the job. No service provider can predict the precise time of a user’s demand for a telephone conversation, but they can track aggregate metrics, identify trends over weeks/months, and estimate how much, and where, shared resources need upgrading in the infrastructure. Digital infrastructure facilitates communication using a plethora of applications and services. If every instance of communication were supported by dedicated infrastructure, the cost would be astronomical, making shared infrastructure an economic necessity. Finite shared resources need to be appropriately sized to handle user demand for all those applications and services.

So, we have two “givens”: finite shared resources, and uncertain user demand.

Actual Experience PLC (LON:ACT), an analytics-as-a-service company, provide digital experience quality analytics services in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and internationally.

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