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The advantages of using smart technology in commercial buildings

Frankie Bryon, senior sustainability surveyor at Lambert Smith Hampton, discusses why smart technology can help buildings improve on sustainability as well as introduce other benefits such as promoting health and wellbeing and enabling agile working

As the UK government pledges to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the urge for sustainable buildings is stronger than ever. According to the UK Green Building Council, an estimated 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint is attributed to the built environment, half of which comes from the energy used in building. Heating alone created 10% of the country’s carbon footprint.

GS Technologies Ltd (LON:GST), through its subsidiary, EMS Wiring Systems Pte. Ltd, provides services in the “Smart Building” sector including Data Centers, Infrastructure Monitoring Systems, Surveillance Camera Systems (CCTV) and Eco & Intelligent Lighting.

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