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The 10 best remote working tips during a time of medical uncertainty

The idea of remote working might sound glamorous to some; we’ve all watched our favourite travel influencers remote working in the likes of Bali, complete with primo coffee and smoothie bowls for breakfast. But for most of the world’s population, physically going to work is the reality of life. Not to mention that they also enjoy it (yes, people actually enjoy having a job and going to work!) 

While it suits some people who might enjoy cutting the commute out of the daily routine for a while, for those who enjoy the social side of going to work, the idea of remote working and self-isolating in their home could make them feel anxious. For most of us, our home is our sanctuary, a place that we escape to after work. And while some people might be lucky enough to set themselves up in a spare bedroom, a study or home office, for others it’ll be a corner in a shared flat or the kitchen table.

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