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Testing times in shipping

In this article Paul Brickman of Crestchic, the leading global manufacturer of loadbanks used for power testing in the marine sector, looks at how the market and its needs are changing.

Meeting the power needs of ‘super vessels’

In recent times we have witnessed a massive growth in the size of seagoing vessels for transportation of products, leisure and oil & gas exploration & production. As these vessels continue to grow in size, their power needs grow too, as does the complexity of on-board systems. Modern sea vessels often contain complex propulsion, production and environmental support systems which must operate reliably for long periods of time, often hundreds, if not thousands of miles offshore. Ensuring the availability of power for these systems is a critical function to guarantee vital services can run uninterrupted, making pre-launch reliable testing of power supplies of particular importance.

Crestchic designs, manufactures, sells and hires loadbank equipment which is primarily used for the commissioning and maintenance of independent power sources, such as diesel generators and gas turbines. Crestchic is part of Northbridge Industrial Services Plc (LON:NBI).

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