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TT Electronics

Temperature Sensors for Heat Treatment Markets

Thermal processing is one of the most energy-intensive phases of production in many markets. In its simplest format; heat treatment involves the isolation of parts or components in an oven where the temperature is elevated to a given setpoint and maintained for the requisite length of time.

This simple principle is governed by the controlled feedback loop of one or more temperature sensors within the instrument.

A temperature sensor is used to continuously monitor the thermal energy radiating through a heating chamber. The method by which the sensor achieves this is dictated by the device architecture, which generally falls into one of two groups: thermistors and thermocouples. While differing significantly in design, each of these temperature sensors monitors the conditions of thermal processing equipment using electrical signals.

TT Electronics plc (LON:TTG) is a provider of engineered electronics applications for performance-critical applications. The Company works with customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace and defence, and transportation sectors.

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