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Tanzania Could Soon Become Largest Producer Of A ‘Life-Saving Gas’

Many people think of Helium as the gas in party balloons, but it is one of the most valuable gases on Earth, with uses ranging from rocket fuel to MRI scanners. The tech industry interestingly also has a lot uses for helium, including enabling you to read this article. The fibre optic cables that deliver Internet access and cable television to your home and company are manufactured inside of a pure helium atmosphere so that air-bubbles cannot get trapped inside the cable.

While helium has so many uses, the global supply of helium had comfortably outweighed the demand and the situation was so bad forcing Party City, a global store providing party materials, to close 45 of its outlets. Helium’s global supply is under threat, with the commodity surging around 500% in the past fifteen years.

Solo Oil PLC (LON:SOLO) is an investment company with the target of acquiring a diverse global portfolio of direct and indirect interests in exploration, development and production oil and gas assets, both on-shore and off-shore.

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