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Stretching it: Brand and franchise extensions for ambitious fund managers

It’s the first day of April: New Year and other seasonal celebrations are little more than a memory, and spring has “sprung”. The clocks have gone forward, both in North America and Europe, and at this time, each year, dear reader, we like to depart from our usual diet of communications advice and present some of the more innovative thinking in the market. Last year we walked through the “lunar loophole”, whereby domiciling a fund on the moon might allow free passporting across the UK, the EU and elsewhere, sidestepping Brexit and a number of other pesky regulatory obstacles.

This year, our focus is earthbound (with one exception). Fund management firms that have established strong brands are often on the lookout for credible ways to extend the franchise and increase assets under management, without putting the original strategies on which they built their reputations under undue strain. Whilst doubling fund size from one vintage to the next is a strategy that has its advocates, every strategy has its limits, and there comes a point where a fund’s sheer size brings its sensible deployability into question – take a bow, Vision fund…

MJ Hudson works with clients in the fields of law, international administration, fund management, investment advisory, and IR and marketing, across both alternative and traditional asset classes.Gresham House Strategic PLC (LON:GHS) has a 1.3% ownership of MJ Hudson as of June 2018.

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