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Stop Wasting Money …

How often have you been involved in hiring a senior executive when it only becomes clear mid-way through the (expensive) executive search what is really required?

You aren’t alone as research shows 37% of all executive searches fail.  That is a lot of wasted time, money and effort for no return.

Why is this? Selection processes are becoming more sophisticated, psychometric tools are widely available to assess fit and networks are easier to access for sourcing, proof of experience and referencing. Let us use Occam’s Razor – the simplest answer is often correct. Hiring requirements are often unrealistic relative to available talent (bundling diversity with high levels of functional experience and exposure to digitalised markets for example); hiring priorities vary between stakeholders, only to be exposed when decisions are required post interview; compensation budgets do not meet market expectations etc.

Norman Broadbent plc (LON:NBB) is a leading Professional Services firm offering five interrelated Talent Acquisition & Advisory Services: Board & Leadership/Executive Search, Senior Interim Management, Research & Insight, Leadership Consulting & Assessment, and executive level Recruitment Solutions.

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