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Applied Graphene Materials

Some Predictions for the Auto Industry

What will start happening in 2019 and thereafter is the increased use of exotic materials like graphene in various automotive systems.
First to come will be the use of graphene as an additive to already existing automotive components. Graphene powder can now be mixed with paint to provide a degree of rust prevention and anti-oxidation that’s the envy of any current coating technology. This is a low-tech application for a very high-tech substance, and the reason for that is simply because graphene is still difficult to make in commercial quantities. Eventually, we will solve this problem and when we do, graphene will come into its own.

Applied Graphene Materials plc (LON:AGM) produces and sells graphene products primarily in the United Kingdom. It offers graphene nanoplatelets; and graphene powder in a range of polymer matrices, including thermoset and thermoplastic, as well as adhesives, elastomers, oils, and aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.

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